Snap On vs Craftsman Tools

Every family needs a variety of sturdy tools for tasks around the home. Whether consumers are putting together furniture, repairing a bicycle or a car, replacing cabinets, or performing some routine maintenance, they need tools that they can depend on, and these tools should supply functional value as well as ergonomic comfort for extended use.

Two popular brands of tools are Craftsman and Snap-On. Online retailers, such as eBay, Amazon and brick and mortar home improvement store, usually sell these and other brands of tools. Before making their selection, buyers need to understand the differences between the Craftsman and Snap-On brands, including their quality, price, variety, and other features. A fuller understanding of the options helps users choose the right tools for their budget and their projects.

Snap-On Tools

Mechanics and other professionals who use tools every day consider Snap-On products to be in the top tier of the automotive market. Fabricated using high-quality materials and proven processes, these tools also feature some unique innovations that enhance their worth to users. For example, Snap-On's Flank Drive Plus wrenches have a special open-ended design, allowing owners to enjoy up to 62 percent more power when turning the wrench.

The tight grips, unique patented designs, and unbeatable function of Snap-On tools make them favorites with many buyers. However, the prices on these tools may be daunting to some consumers. For consumers with tight budgets, one strategy is to purchase a few key Snap-On tools and supplement with another less expensive yet reliable brand, such as Craftsman. Some buyers purchase lower-end tools when they are first starting out with the goal of amassing a full set of Snap-On tools as their budget allows.

Snap-On Hand Tools

Snap-On sells dozens of hand tools. They make tools for regular engine service, aviation, and diesel engine repair. The brand also manufactures heavy-duty tools for trucks and large pieces of equipment. For users who are not sure what they need, or who require an array of tools to choose from, Snap-On provides a few different general service kits.

Snap-On hand tools are primarily designed for automotive functions. However, owners should find that they serve many purposes around the home, garage, and yard. Snap-On socket sets and hammers, for instance, are helpful in a number of situations.

Snap-On Socket Sets

Snap-On socket sets come in 1-inch drive, 1/2-inch drive, 1/4-inch drive, 3/4-inch drive, and 1 1/2-inch drive. There is also a 3/8-inch drive socket set.

Within each size, there are different types of socket sets. In the 1/2-inch drive category, Snap-On has nine separate options, including the Drive Blue Point , the Drive Flank Drive , the Drive Flank Drive Impact, and the Drive Flank Drive Impact Swivel. Buyers can also choose the Drive Flank Drive Power, the Drive Impact Special Application, the Drive Special Application, or the Drive Surface Drive. The last option is the Drive TORX, which is heat-treated for greater durability and an extended lifespan. Buyers can find screwdrivers and other tools that are part of the TORX series as well.

Snap-On Hammers

Snap-On hammers , like the socket sets, come with a broad variety of options. Buyers can choose a ball-peen hammer with a fiberglass or hickory handle, or they can purchase slimline hammers, piston hammers, sledge hammers, dual-face drilling hammers, or standard hammers. Heavy-duty hammers like claw hammers, the Dual Face Dead Blow, or the Heavy-Duty Sledgehammer are also available. For buyers who need soft-face hammers, Snap-On provides the HBBT Series in bronze or plastic, the interchangeable head hammer, the soft blow hammer, the combination hammer, or the brass hammer with a fiberglass handle.

Snap-On Power Tools

In addition to hand tools, Snap-On offers a selection of high-quality power tools. These tools fall into three separate categories:air power tools,cordless power tools, and electric power tools. The chart below shows the products available in each category.

Air Power Tools

Cordless Power Tools

Electric Power Tools

Impact Wrenches



Die Grinders

Finishing Tools

Air Ratchets

Cutting Tools

Air Hammers

Drills (14.4 or 18 Volts)

14.4 Volt Ratchets

Impact Wrenches (14.4 or 18 Volts)

18 Volt Reciprocating Saws

Adhesive Guns

Grease Guns


Cordless Power Tool Kits


Impact Wrenches


Specialty Electric Tools

In addition to the power tools themselves, Snap-On supplies a plethora of accessories. Buyers can select from a number ofdrill bit sets, including Thunderbit drill bits, high-speed steel drill bits, BluePoint drill bit sets, wire gauge drill bits, and specialized drill bits.

Craftsman Tools

Sears Holdings owns the Craftsman brand. For years, homeowners have revered Craftsman for its trustworthy, efficient tools and equipment. While the Craftsman products may not be of the same caliber as Snap-On tools, they are significantly cheaper and should serve users well for years.

Craftsman Hand Tools

Like Snap-On, Craftsman sells a variety of automotive tools. However, the scope of Craftsman products goes well beyond the automotive spectrum and includesfinishing tools,cutting tools,hammers, pliers, and marking and measuring implements. Buyers can also find screwdrivers,ratchets,socket sets,vises,wrenches, and clamps. For buyers who are interested in owning a wide array of tools, Craftsman sell comprehensive tool kits in convenient, sturdy carry cases. Sets range from 85 pieces to well over 500 pieces.

Craftsman Power Tools

Craftsman sells both corded and cordless power tools. The brand also features stationary or bench power tools that remain in one spot in the garage, basement, or other workspace. Before buyers purchase one of these large tools, they should ensure that they have a stable work surface and plenty of space to operate it safely.

Among the corded power tools that Craftsman sells are drills,grinders,planers,oscillating multitools,sanders,routers, and brad nailers. The cordless products include sanders, drills, and grinders, as well as heat guns,glue guns, andstaplers. Craftsman also offersreciprocating saws and circular saws that are cordless. Many of these tools are especially useful around the home when owners are doing home projects, renovating, repairing items, and building shelving or furniture. In the arena of home use, Craftsman usually offers more variety than Snap-On, since Snap-On focuses primarily on automotive tools.

Craftsman's power tools category also includes saw blades and power tool accessories. Among the accessories arebatteries,chargers, and dozens of differentdrill bit sets. The drill bit options include special titanium-coated sets, heavy-duty impact sets, cobalt sets, and black oxide sets.


Snap-On and Craftsman both sell many different sets of tools for the home. Craftsman is a well-known brand that has been around for generations and features a broad array of products for engine repair, construction and woodworking. Many owners revere the brand for the quality, durability, and low prices that the name represents.

For sheer quality and functionality, Snap-On tools surpass Craftsman in many ways. However, they are priced much higher, placing them out of range for some buyers. Snap-On tools are particularly effective for buyers who plan to work on cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles. If buyers want affordable, serviceable tools for a variety of purposes, Craftsman may be the right choice. Those who prefer a higher caliber of tool and are willing to invest more money for superior quality should investigate Snap-On tools.