POS Software for Restaurants - How to Use

A POS or Point-of-Sale Software acts like an automated cash register that lets you take orders and sends these orders to the kitchens, accepts your customers’ credit and debit cards, prints out receipts, keeps track of your inventory, and acts as your employee’s daily time record.

It does multiple jobs for one application.

So where do you come in?

As the owner of a restaurant, you will be busy managing the entire shop. Having a POS Software will minimize your obligations inside the shop guaranteeing that you’ll have time for other errands. Since this system is more accurate than having a traditional cash register, you are sure to save more money this way.

Traditional Cash Registers VS POS Breakthrough

Compared to the old, familiar cash register, a POS system does more than calculate, record your transactions, and be your cash drawer. A POS software can help you run a cashless transaction with your customer because it is programmed to accept credit and debit cards. It will also let you review your inventory even when you are not in the office because of its Cloud functions. As long as you have internet access, you can log into your account and view your sales for that day. The Cloud feature helps you store data online so it becomes easily accessible as long as you have internet. And this runs on Android! You don’t have to buy a pricey iPad to use this POS software for restaurants.

Why don’t you own a POS Software for your Restaurant?

People are so used to using the cash register and manually doing all the inventory. When you install a POS Software for your restaurant, this cuts down on operational expenses since it needs only one employee to make it function. The same employee who took the order has already sent that order to the kitchens with a swipe of a finger. That same employee will have also serve the food while looking through the day’s sales because your POS-powered cash register has become mobile and is conveniently packed into your tablet. A tablet which your employee can carry around with him. One of the things that is probably making you worry is if you can handle this type of technology.

POS Software’s Ease of Usability

So you have never been a tech geek and you are doubting if you can handle an innovation such as this. Erase those doubts. This product was built to cater to you: Small-time business owners and restaurant managers. POS applications have been fine tuned to be comprehensive and easy-to-learn. If you are having difficulty with your POS, we are to carry the blame.

How to choose your preferred POS Software for the restaurant business

Based on our experience on the hospitality sector, we came to a conclusion that an Android POS is much cost-efficient, user-friendly, and reliable when it comes to the needs of small restaurants. In this note, we want to recommend Kroid Cloud POS. You can go to the site, download the free app and see for yourself how easy, fast, feature-rich, and customizable is the POS software.