Forma Scientific Freezers

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Forma Scientific is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and scientific equipment for research, industrial, educational, and health institutions. Forma's products range from basic refrigerators and freezer units to ultra-low temperature freezers and cryogenic storage systems.

The company has been in business since 1979, when it began manufacturing laboratory refrigerators and freezers at its facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Forma Scientific has since expanded its product line to include all types of laboratory equipment including incubators, centrifuges, homogenizers, shakers and other specialized equipment.

Customers appreciate the high quality construction of Forma's freezers as well as their easy-to-use features such as automatic defrosting cycles and adjustable thermostats. Some reviewers also note that these freezers are quiet compared with other brands they have owned previously.

Forma Scientific Freezers are perfect for laboratories and research facilities where optimum temperature control is required.