Envision Plate Reader

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The Perkin Elmer Envision Plate Reader is a high-end instrument that can be used for a variety of applications. The instrument allows users to analyze samples in a number of ways, including absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and chemiluminescence. It also has the ability to measure multiple parameters at once, making it an ideal choice for laboratories that need to test a large number of samples quickly.

The Perkin Elmer Envision also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for technicians to navigate through the software and select their desired settings. Here are some tips on how to use your used Perkin Elmer Envision:

  • Always make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your instrument before using it. This ensures that all of its features are up-to-date and fully functional.
  • Use only genuine parts when replacing broken or damaged parts on your instrument. Using non-genuine parts can result in damage to your instrument and voids any warranty coverage it may have had remaining at that time.
  • Always clean your instrument thoroughly after each use so as not to contaminate it with dirt or dust particles.

Perkin Elmer Envision is a powerful and versatile plate reader. It has a high-resolution InGaAs detector, which is capable of detecting up to 2,000 nm wavelengths. The device also has an optical filter wheel that allows users to select between 1,064 nm, 1,395 nm, 1,560 nm and 2,000 nm wavelengths. Envision Plate Reader can be used for all types of applications including immunoassay, kinase assays and many more.


The following are some of the most important features of Perkin Elmer Envision Plate Reader:

  • High-resolution InGaAs detector with a large dynamic range
  • Optical filter wheel that allows users to select between 1,064 nm, 1,395 nm, 1,560 nm and 2104 nm wavelengths
  • Automatic calibration capability for better accuracy in readings.
  • An impressive dynamic range of 10nm and can read absorbance values from 0.05 to 4,000 AU.
  • The instrument is also capable of measuring fluorescence from 100 nm-1 µm with the addition of a compatible excitation filter cube or dichroic mirror.
  • It can perform single wavelength or dual wavelength assays. It also has built-in software for data analysis and reporting.