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Severstal North America produces high-quality, flat-rolled carbon steel products in a wide range of grades, chemistries, gauges and widths, including:

Our fully integrated operations in Dearborn, Michigan, and new, state-of-the-art electric arc furnace operation in Columbus, Mississippi, produce innovative, technically advanced steel products to serve the growing demand for high quality steel products in the automotive and other demanding markets. 

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Hot Rolled Steel

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Severstal’s hot rolled unprocessed band is non-tempered steel that is not pickled, oiled, side trimmed or cropped back to thickness. It can be ordered to a minimum or nominal thickness and is sold by actual weight.

Our hot rolled processed sheet is available pickled, oiled, edge-trimmed, cropped back to thickness, temper passed, slit and/or cut-to-length. It is produced to meet a minimum or nominal thickness specification and is sold by actual weight. 

The following types of hot rolled products are available:

Cold Rolled Steel

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We also produce cold rolled coils from precisely manufactured hot rolled product that is cold reduced to a desired thickness on our tandem cold  reduction mills.  Severstal’s cold rolled products, with excellent gauge, flatness and surface performance, can be produced to meet customer specifications for finish, surface protection, lubrication, weldability and  temper.

The following types of cold rolled products are available:

Hot-Dipped Galvanized and Galvannealed Steel

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Produced from cold rolled or hot rolled substrate that has passed through a molten bath  of zinc, Severstal’s hot-dipped galvanized and galvannealed sheet products are  available in ASTM coating weights from G30 – G200 (G235 with HR substrate) and  A25−A60 or 20G20G – 100G100G and 30A30A−60A60A in automotive coating weights. Hot dipped galvanized and galvannealed steel is produced as minimum spangle and  provides a sacrificial barrier of resistance to steel oxidation. The coated substrate can then be tempered for an extra smooth surface, chemically treated, phosphate coated and/or oiled.

The following types of hot-dipped products are available:

Surface treatment for hot-dipped galvanized and galvannealed steel include:

Culvert Sheet Steel

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Standard galvanized culvert sheet is produced to meet the requirements of  AASHTO (American Association of Highway Transportation Officials) specification M218 (or ASTM Specification A929). It is produced with a specified coating weight of 2.00 ounces per square foot – total both sides (Zn). Standard aluminized culvert sheet is produced to meet the requirements of AASHTO specification M274M/ASTM A929. It is produced with a specified coating weight of 1.00 ounce per square foot – total both sides (aluminum type 2). SNA also produces a Polycoat product with extended durability and product life which is  a sheet with the 2 ounce galvanized coating and a polymer lamination. The  product is produced to AASHTO M 246/ASTM A742 speciations.

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