Severstal North America

Severstal North America has two wholly-owned main plant locations and two joint ventures.

Severstal Dearborn, LLC (Michigan)

Dearborn Brochure

Dearborn Mill  Map

Severstal Dearborn is one of the legendary steelmaking facilities in the world located on the grounds of the famous Rouge Complex. Through the  years, our Dearborn facility has been at the center of steel innovation and  performance improvement.

A $740−million modernization program completed in 2011 ensured it remains one of the leading steel producers in the world. Upgrades include a new, five-stand, six-high, 72" tandem cold mill linked to a pickle line and a new, exposed hot-dipped galvanizing line targeting critically exposed applications for  automotive customers and other original equipment manufacturers.

Its sprawling 350−acre site encompasses:

  • Blast Furnace
  • Basic Oxygen Furnaces (2)
  • Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces (2)
  • RH Degasser
  • Slab Casters (2)
  • Hot Strip Mill
  • Coupled Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill
  • Continuous Pickle Line
  • Batch Annealing Shops (2)
  • Temper Mill
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing Lines (2)

The plant, which employs approximately 1,400 people, is capable of producing 3.6 million net tons of hot rolled, 2.1 million net tons of cold rolled, 1.1 million net tons of galvanized and galvannealed sheet sheet each year.

Our steel products exhibit enhanced surface strength, better formability, consistent mechanical properties and lighter weight. Thanks to advanced technologies and ongoing research and development, we are able to offer our  customers expanded product properties including high-reduction, interstitial-free, dual-phase and TRIP steels.

Severstal Columbus, LLC (Mississippi)

Columbus Brochure

Columbus Mill  Map

Severstal Columbus features the newest and most advanced electric arc  furnace facility in the world. Completed in 2007 at cost of $980 million, Severstal Columbus is in the vanguard of the ‘”mini-mill” movement utilizing technology that recycles steel into product suitable for the auto industry and  other applications.

Severstal Columbus completed a $555−million Phase 2 expansion in 2011 that doubled the plant’s size, increased production capacity to 3.4 million tons  annually and brought employment to 650 hourly and salaried people. The project included addition of a second Electric Arc Furnace and Thin Strip Caster, stationary tunnel furnace, push-pull pickle line and a second hot dip galvanizing line.
Located in Mississippi’s “Golden Triangle,” Severstal Columbus has unparalleled access to rail, truck and water routes that enable us to deliver product faster and more efficiently throughout the growing Southern U.S. manufacturing region and Mexico.

Severstal Columbus facilities include:

  • Electric Arc Furnaces (2)
  • Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces (2)
  • Vacuum tank Degassers (2)
  • Thin Slab Casters (2)
  • Hot Strip Mill
  • Coupled Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill
  • Push-Pull Pickle Line
  • Hydrogen Annealing Shop
  • Temper Mill
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing lines (2)

The facility's annual capacity is 3.4 million net tons of hot rolled steel, 1.5 million net tons of cold rolled steel and 1.1 million net tons of galvanized and galvannealed sheet annually.

Severstal Columbus ISO9000 Certificate

Severstal Columbus TS16949 Certificate

Severstal North America also operates two joint ventures:

Mountain State Carbon, LLC (West Virginia)

Mountain State Carbon, LLC, is a jointly-owned venture that was formed in  2005. The upstream facility operates four coke oven batteries (three three-meter and one six-meter) providing high-quality coke for steelmaking operations. It is located in Follansbee, W. Va.

Spartan Steel Coating, LLC (Michigan)

Spartan Steel Coating is a joint venture located in Monroe, Mich. Spartan Steel Coating produces hot-dip galvanized sheet steel primarily for the automotive and service center industries.





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